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Mon-Fri: 7:30 - 5:00

If you happen to live near your vacation rental and have a flexible schedule, then you may find that you’re able to provide 24-7 assistance for rental guests, and quick response time should an issue arise at the property. But this, especially when combined with required maintenance, can add up to a substantial amount of your valuable time.

Statistics show that owners spend an average of 8.4 hours per week tending to a rental property!

If you do not have a flexible schedule or you don’t live locally year-round (which is often the case for many rental property owners) providing prompt assistance and service can be a real hassle or even impossible. Not to mention, risking a bad experience for your guests. Turning to a property management company such as Unicron with experience caring for vacation homes can be the better option for you. Unicron Property Management (UPM) can leave you free to tend to other things happening in your life, while at the same time ensuring that your guests have a positive experience—a fact that can result in improved return on your investment since you'll be more apt to see repeat guests.


UPM can provide more frequent site visits than an owner who doesn't live locally. Your rental can benefit from regular visits by helping avoid serious property damage. For example, gusty winds or an ice storm can dislodge a roof tile, resulting in a small roof leak. This leak can quickly result in thousands of dollars in water damage and mold growth. The UPM team will likely notice this issue before it reaches that point, however if you left the property unattended for months at a time, you could return to find tens of thousands of dollars in damage that may have been avoided.

Opening and Closing your vacation home

Opening your vacation home is the first step in welcoming a guest. A clean property in fully working order and ready for your guests’ arrival is how you create a memorable first impression. The list is long for properly closing-up a vacation home for the winter especially here in the Northeast. It is essential be properly winterized for the months to come and a proper closing makes for a seamless opening in the Spring. UPM is your one stop maintenance team – from plumbing to cleaning, we can make it happen for you!