Unicron Property Management
108 Main Street Marlborough, NH
Mon-Fri: 7:30 - 5:00


With Unicron Property Management (UPM) you’ll never need to invest in the equipment needed to maintain your lawn. Lawn mower, weed eater, leaf blower to name just a few. Not to mention the time required to perform the maintenance necessary to keep your lawn and green spaces looking their best.

When you partner with UPM, you are getting more than just the neighborhood teenager cutting your lawn. You will have professionals caring for your residential or commercial property, it’s landscaping, property maintenance and lawncare. Our professional team will keep your green areas well groomed throughout the changing seasons with regular mowing, trimming, and weeding; pruning of bushes and trees; and spring and fall cleanups.


Think about QUALITY… can you really get the job done as well as a team with the skills and the right equipment?

Think about SAFETY… can you afford the back strain or even the risk of heart attack while trying to remove a foot of snow? Neglecting or delaying the removal of snow and ice is a tremendous risk for your tenants, family, employees and customers. Protect everyone’s safety with UPM as your team.

Think about FINANCES… it’s a misconception when folks think they are saving money by doing it themselves. If taking chances with your health or that of your tenants is a savings to you, then that is certainly your decision. Consider this, perhaps you’ll be missing time from work to clear the ice and snow or even unable to open your business at all, is that saving money?

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